How to Connect the Aesthetic and Sports

Pleasure and Competitions

Have you ever thought why athletics is an entertainment for many people? Watching the sports events brings us happiness. What emotional mechanisms work during this process? We would try to find the answer to this question.

In the previous article, we talked about the perception of the art objects. John Dewey is sure that beauty can be noticed only in the masterpieces of the human culture. So what should we do with other spheres of the social life? Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht tries to find the aesthetic in the huge and powerful world of sports. Here you can find a good example of the essay on this topic for college or university.

Beauty and Human Physical Abilities

Perception of Athletic

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht wants to find the answer to the question: why do we like watching sports competitions? Many people today are sure that they are just the part of a big political game. Nevertheless, people keep getting pleasure while supporting their favorite sportsmen. The scientist thinks that these games help us to imagine ourselves the person we would never be.

Aristotle said that when we praise something, we give this object the features of beauty and value. Pay special attention to this fact while creating an essay. Athletic competitions brought the audience pleasure even in the ancient Greece. Today we have even more sports disciplines but the effect is the same.

The Factors of Admiration

The researcher also tried to define the causes of our pleasure that will enrich your essay with the concrete facts:

  1. The beauty of the athletic body. We are delighted with the abilities of the human and how they can be applied.
  2. The pain and suffering. We like to observe the person being on the boundary of the physical destruction. It makes us feel empathy and other emotions that make people better.
  3. The forgetfulness. It is the moment when the sportsmen do not think about money they will get or the other competitors’ success. They are concentrated only on the process of the physical activity. The audience gets the opportunity to feel the same.
  4. The additional means. It can be the car, bike or arbalest. The combination of the human and the machine gives more opportunities for people’s abilities development.
  5. The transformation of the form. It is connected with the records beating and rules of the game changing.
  6. The team play. The actions are always unexpected. The audience never suspects what the results will be and how the game will unfold.
  7. The perception of the time. In the crucial moment, the sportsmen and the spectators can notice that the seconds became the hours. The time slows down.

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht is also sure that we cannot forget the knowledge and moments of the past. These factors influence our perception of the beauty.

At Last

Now you can easily say that people can find wonderful objects not only in the art. They are also in nature, sports and even in the daily routine. Moreover, some things of the modern art cannot be called wonderful and delightful. We should not build the borders for the aesthetic. It is important to destroy them.

These prompts will help you to create a good essay:

  • present the scientist’s concepts;
  • give several interesting examples to the theory;
  • express your own opinion on the subject.

These facts are necessary for writing an informative essay for college or university.

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