How to Recognize Aesthetic Experience

Beautiful Perception

The art is an integral part of our life. In which way do we perceive the beautiful objects? What sensual and intellectual factors play a huge role in it? These questions are quite complicated. Many specialists tried to find the answer to them.

Today we still have the different opinions on the subject. Here we are going to present a modern point of view on aesthetic education. We need to define the term and its features. Also, it is necessary to find correct confirmation to the theory. It is a good example of the academic research paper for college and school.

The Unity of Feelings

Individual Feelings

John Dewey is a well-known philosopher. His ideas are mainly based on the Immanuel Kant’s works. He defines two kinds of the experience. The first one is an integral part of the daily routine of individuals. It can be the delicious spaghetti in the Italian restaurant or the failure on exams. The second sort is closely connected with the art. The scientist says that this is the real perception of beauty.

This feeling is always individual and never general. That is why it is hard to define the concrete features of this term. The emotion is an integral part of it. This fact should be taken into account while doing a research. We call something aesthetic when it brings us the pleasure and the possibility to travel to the place where we have never been before. This process cannot be intellectual. Another way, we could make it universal.

The Beautiful Object

The art uses physical materials to make some ideas visible. All the parts of the masterpiece create the harmonic unity. For example, we should see the whole image when we look at the picture in the art gallery. The person can get a pleasure only in this case. When we try to divide it into parts, it becomes a mechanical work that does not touch our feelings.

Art object always gives us a new interpretation of the well-known things. Another way, it will have the features of the usual photography. Remember it while doing the research.

You also have to understand the difference between the following definitions. The first one is artistic. It is connected with the process of making something wonderful. The second one is aesthetic. The term is about the perception of the masterpiece.

Using the Fantasy

The perception of the beautiful is closely connected with our imagination. If we see the great sculpture and do not use the creative thinking, we would notice just the details of the physical object. When the person switches on imagination, he or she gets the opportunity to find out the unknown qualities of the usual object.

It is also important to switch off the functions of memories and knowledge. Do not forget while writing the research paper that this kind of experience is always a pure type. The masterpiece is perceived with the feelings and emotions but not with the brain.

The Last Accord

To sum up, the aesthetic experience is significant for the most of the people. This concept bases on the emotions and personal feelings. That is why it is hard to find the concrete features. Nevertheless, we can say that the beauty can be called this way only if the thing brings us pleasure and admiration.

There are some prompts that will help you while writing a research paper on this topic:

  • present the main ideas of the scientist’s conception;
  • try to build a clear structure;
  • add some catchy examples of the theory;
  • express your own opinion.

These facts will make your academic research for college or university valuable and informative.

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