Genius and Its Features

Special Talents

The aesthetic is the science that explores the sphere of beautiful. There are many complicated questions because it always works with individual feelings and emotions. It is a good time to talk about extremely talented people and the roots of their abilities.

In the previous article, we presented the writing about the aesthetic perception. It has been discovered that some people connect this term just with the art. Nevertheless, we have emphasized on the advantages of the wider view. Here we are going to talk about geniuses. What the most important features do they have? What makes these people different from others? We would try to answer these questions clearly. Here you can find a good example for writing the academic research paper on this topic for college or school.

The Antic View

Old Understanding

As we all know, the art was one of the earliest activities of the human. That is why even antique philosophers tried to find the true nature of it. Plato also wrote about the genius. He is sure that the intellectual processes in the mind of such person are absolutely irrational. It is impossible to define the phases of the act of the creation. Use this fact while writing an academic text.

The genius has the ability to go out the borders of his or her body. The soul is the mean for the divine realization. In the moment of creation, the artist cannot control his or her thoughts and feelings. We can call it a kind of ecstasy and even madness. Nevertheless, this is the only way to create something special.

What Do Philosophers Think About It?

In the 18th century, the genius was explored in the field of aesthetics. Philosophers tried to connect this term only with the art. They explained the nature of it and even created the criterions that made the person special. These thoughts were not similar. That is why it is interesting to learn different opinions.

Make the example for others

Immanuel Kant is sure that genius is the talent, which gives the rules to the world. This ability is given to the person’s soul from the birth. Such human has four important features:

  1. He or she creates absolutely new and exclusive objects. The genius has the ability to ruin the borders.
  2. His or her objects should be the example for further creations. They cannot be something that has no use.
  3. The artist cannot explain how he or she created the masterpiece. He or she just knows that it should be like this.
  4. The rules are set by the genius only for the art. Many Kant’s ideas were accepted and developed by other philosophers later.

The inner spirit

Hans-Georg Gadamer also tried to define the genius.  He connects this term with the emotional experience. The person has inner necessity to realize some concepts. The greatest work for the human is to overcome the distance between the spirit and the reality. This fact should be taken into account while writing a research paper.

The geniuses cannot be classified. The talent of such person is original and unrepeatable. The aesthetic taste is always changing. Nevertheless, the creations of unique people are out of the place and time. The human will die but his or her masterpieces will live forever.

The 20TH Century Perspective

Modern Ideas

In the 20th century, the philosophers struggled to explain the nature of the genius without connecting it with the divine. Robin Collingwood writes that the artist is considered in the society as someone special. It is not always the truth. He or she just takes the initiative to realize some ideas and also has the means for it.

Walter Benjamin is sure that the people recognize the genius in the next generations after him or her. He explains that it is hard for the society to accept absolutely new ideas. They need time to understand their significance and originality. The philosopher also thinks that the genius is an absolutely social conception. It is not given by God or nature. It cannot be an inborn talent.

Unite the Different Views

So, who is the genius? We have presented different thoughts about it. Nevertheless, many of them have a lot of common facts. First of all, it is the irrational concept. Secondly, the concept is closely connected with the divine in the human’s soul. Thirdly, the original artist should create the things that would become the useful examples.

There are some important facts that should be taken into account while writing an essay on this topic:

  • present the evolution of the term understanding;
  • write about thoughts of different scientists;
  • try to compare the opposite positions and find similar or differing features;
  • sum up the points of view and express the own opinion.

These prompts will help you while writing an informative and valuable research paper for college or university.

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