The Beauty and Its Interpretations

Term Meaning

We often see wonderful objects and admire them. Have you ever thought why do people call them beautiful? Many humanitarians tried to define this category. Here you can find the most significant ideas.

The meaning of the “beautiful” has changed from the Antient epoch to the modern times. The aesthetic states that wonderful things are also made by special people. We have written about them in the previous article about the genius. The beauty is always a concept that has the individual character. Nevertheless, we would try to define its main features. Here you can find a good example of the essay for the university on this topic.

The First Ideas

The people have enjoyed the wonderful objects from the earliest time. That’s why the philosophers were interested in the understanding of this process. In the Antient epoch, there were three definitions of the beautiful:

  • as something good-shaped and harmonic;
  • as a useful thing;
  • as welfare that brings love and makes life better.

Plato did not agree with these conceptions at all. His point of view was quite different. First of all, the scientists say that this category never lives or dies, develops or grows poor. It is something eternal. Secondly, he was sure that the real objects can just easily touch the concept but are not the absolute realization.

Aristotle tried to connect the beautiful with the objective reality. He wanted to find out how the category is realized in the different art things. This idea touches the term “perfection.” Here the new problem appears. What is the perfection? Is it a correct proportion, harmony or symmetry? He did not reach the success while working on this question. Take this fact into account while creating a research paper for university.

The Cultural Revolution

Cultural Revolution
In the 18th century, the science has changed the understanding of the category. The beauty becomes being associated with the art. Before this time it has had three features:

  • having moral qualities;
  • belonging to the real objects and nature;
  • abating the superficial beauty.

This aesthetic category connects with the feelings and no more with the characteristics of something in the 18th century. The perception of the art objects is individual and cannot be generalized or classified. It is also necessary to remember while writing an essay for the university that the beautiful becomes free of morality and recognizing the world.

The Pleasure with No Use

Immanuel Kant has also explored this concept. He says that it is not connected with our physical feelings because they can be just pleasant. The beautiful has a more complicated origin. The philosopher is sure that this concept is:

  • liked directly;
  • enjoyed without the definite aim or interest;
  • does not need any concrete definition;
  • always brings the feeling of delight.

The perfection also needs the criteria. It is a difficult thing to find in the sphere of pure feelings and emotions. The individual thought decides everything in this case. That is wonderful for one to be ugly or just neutral for another. That is why the beautiful is free of classifications, criteria, and concrete statements. Use this fact while creating an essay for the university on the topic.

The General Idea

Now it is not hard to understand that this aesthetic category and quite complicated at the same. The modern scientists are sure that we should rely only on the personal emotions while evaluating the art objects. The beautiful can also be found in nature but not in the daily routine. You can ask if this new blue blanket with gorgeous roses is not wonderful. Yes, it is. Nevertheless, this thing is pleasant but is not connected with the beauty.

There are some facts that should be taken into account while writing a research paper for the university:

  • present the evolution of the definition’s meaning;
  • do not forget to tell about the ideas of the famous philosophers;
  • give some catchy examples to the theory;
  • express your own thoughts on the subject.

These prompts will help you to create an informative essay for the university.

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