The Comic and Its Development

Funny Mask

Have you ever thought why do we laugh? In which way does it bring people pleasure? Here we are going to describe the connection between this action and the comic.

In the previous article, we have told about the ugly. It is a good time to think how we fight with it in the real life. The world is full of stupid and abnormal things. We often try to fight with by using different means and methods. The comic is actually one of them. This concept has changed over times because of the society evolution. The category is closely connected with the intellectual abilities of the human. Here we are going to present the development of the comic and its most significant features. It is a valuable example of the essay for college.

Ridiculing the Defects

In the ancient times, people celebrated the Dionysian holiday. The peasants have organized a kind of theatrical performances with the changing of the clothes. People could hide their real face and try a new life role. It was actually a burlesque with a lot of simple laugh and carelessness. The scientists think that this was the first form of the comic.

Aristotle was one of the theorists of this category. He was sure that this concept is connected with the imitating of the worse people. They have some defects in the appearance or the character. It is abnormal. The best way to overcome them is to laugh at these things. Moreover, the comic also deals with the ugly and the mistakes. Nevertheless, they should be harmless and painless. The laugh cannot make people cruel. Moreover, it has to make life easier.

As we can see, the comic is not the inborn ability. It is always connected with the process of socialization. You have to get acquainted with the principles of the human world to realize what is abnormal. Consider this fact while writing a research paper for college.

The Time of Changes

The Middle Ages became after the Antic epoch. The Christianity was very powerful. People were really afraid of the God’s punishment. The world was so unstable with various wars. The person could not feel confident.

The Christianity did not approve the comic. The priests told that the freedom and the laugh are extremely different concepts. When we have fun, we cannot control our feelings and thoughts. It makes people weak at that moment. The fact that the Christ had never laughed was widely used. The religion had strict rules and the self-control was one of them. Use this fact while creating an essay for college.

Entertain and teach

The Classicism was delighted with the ideal forms of the Antic epoch. The scientists were sure that the comic is closely connected with the wide audience. They tried to propagate the moral principles by realizing this category of the aesthetic.

In the Enlightenment epoch, people were also sure that the comic should improve the society. Make human laugh at their defects and they will change them. Think about it while creating an essay for college.

Changing into nothing

Immanuel Kant tried to give the psychological definition of the comic. He was sure that the laugh was the transformation of the suspense into nothing. The comic was connected with the game of concepts in our mind. It always brings us pleasure. The scientist was sure that the ridiculous is based on the quality of this category to destroy the visible things.

To Conclude

The concept of the comic has strongly developed. In the ancient times, it was just for fun and pleasure. The burlesque could not leave people indifferent but did not have the important social role. With the ages, the comic became more intellectual. People started to understand that it can help to improve the society. This category is an easy and harmful mean that shows the person his or her defects but does not try to hurt.

The scientists say that not all things we laugh at are comic. There are some facts that should be taken into account while writing a good essay for college:

  • show the evolution of the term’s meaning;
  • present the ideas of the famous philosophers;
  • give several catchy examples;
  • express your own opinion on the subject.

These prompts will help to create an informative research paper for college.

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