The Ugly and Its Opposition


We are used to observing the beautiful objects and get the pleasure of them. Nevertheless, the world is also full of the ugly things. It is not an easy thing to understand the meaning of this concept. Here you can find several significant ideas.

In the previous article, we have written about the aesthetic category of the beautiful. We have discovered that it is almost connected with the individual perception. The ugly is the opposite term. People have thought about it even in the Ancient epoch. What are the most significant features of the hideous things? How can we admire them? We would try to find the answers. Here you can see a good example of the research paper for college or school.

The Antipode of the Beauty

General Meaning

In the Antient epoch, the ugly was considered just as something opposite to the wonderful. Aristotle thought that the art was the result of the mimesis. People can imitate all objects that they see in the world. That is the way how the hideous things appeared in art. Moreover, people can get pleasure by observing them. The main idea is that nature of the mimesis makes things not so ugly.

In the Middle Ages, the hideous and the beautiful were in the opposition as the Bible concepts of the evil and good. The ugly things were used in the art to present the greatest sins and the scenes of the hell. The creators deformed people’s bodies and made them look horrible. In the Renaissance, artists often used both aesthetic categories in the one masterpiece. They tried to strengthen the effect in this way.

In or out the Aesthetic

Immanuel Kant considered that the ugly can be the part of the art. Nevertheless, he built the strong borders to this idea. If they become ruined, the art object could not have the quality of aesthetic. The mastery is to depict horrible thing in the reality as worthy and beautiful in the creative sphere. This picture would appeal not only to our feelings and emotions but also to our mind.

Johann Karl Rosenkranz was sure that the hideous is an organic part of the beautiful. This idea became real because the first category is unable without the comic elements that make it better and closer to the second concept.

The Art Today

In the modern world, people do not try to define or understand this category. Artists succeed in making all of their realizations the part of the aesthetic. Moreover, they struggle to defend the ugly. That is why it became an integral part of performances and exhibitions. Many art critics and philosopher blame the today’s creations in the inability to present and understand the main basis of the human culture.

The scientists are sure that this tendency leads to the creating anti-people.  The art rejects to fight for humanistic values. It makes them unimportant. The reasons for this process are also complicated. They are connected with the different cultural and social global events.


We can say that the ugly is also comprehended individually. Nevertheless, here people have fewer arguments. This category is always connected with the feeling of disgust and horror. What does the art make with it? It changes the appearance to more pleasant. That is why this category becomes a part of the beautiful.

Nevertheless, the main idea is still the same. Even if the eyes see the normal picture, our mind defines it as something ugly. The beautiful always appeal to personal feelings and emotions. The hideous makes our intellect work. That is the difference. Who could think that the opposite concepts are connected with each other?

There are some important facts that should be taken into account while creating an essay:

  • present the ideas of the scientists;
  • try to find several interesting examples;
  • compare different points of view;
  • express your own opinion by agreeing or not with the experts’ ideas.

These prompts will help to create an informative research paper about the ugly as the category of aesthetic.

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