The Tragic and Catharsis

Do you like to admire the performances that touch our hearts? How do they make us emphatic? They create such a great effect because of the tragic elements. Here we are going to speak about the nature of this aesthetic category.

In the previous article, we have talked about the comic. Now it is a well-known fact that this concept is connected with the intellectual processes and is much deeper that the simple laugh. It is a good time to speak about the opposite term. What is the history of the tragic? How do we perceive it? Does it make us sad? Let us find the correct answers. Here you can find a good example of the research paper on this topic for school.

The Story About the Goat

Dionysian celebration

Aristotle is one of the theorists of the aesthetics. He actually created the word “tragedy.” This term consists of the two parts: “tragos” and “odia.” It is translated into English as the song of the goat. There are two legends about it. The first one is about the Dionysian celebration. These animals were immolated to the Gods and they screamed. It made people feel upset. The second story is connected with the choir of the satires that worn the costumes of the goats.

The philosopher defines the main features of the tragedy:

  • it is the imitation of the significant and accomplished action;
  • the language should have rhythm and harmony;
  • it provokes the feeling of empathy or fear;
  • the result of it is the absolute catharsis.

Take these facts into account while creating an essay for school. The tragedy helps people to overcome the pain of the life. When you see, that heroes have the same problems as you, it makes the person feel not alone. Moreover, we can find the real ways to get through difficulties.

Other Thoughts

The tragedy died in the Rome Empire. This genre became popular again at the end of the Middle Ages. Immanuel Kant thought that this category makes the person feel honorable. When people are emphatic, they are sure in the fact of being very humanistic. That is why the persons feel pleased while admiring the tragedy.

Friedrich Schiller thought that this concept was the crisis between the moral and physical. It happens when the person has some inner needs but they cannot be realized due to the objective reality. Friedrich Schelling has similar ideas. The tragic is the conflict between the freedom and the necessity for it. In the 20th century, this category was considered also beyond the art and the aesthetics. Remember about it while creating the essay for school.

The Fight for the Interests

Max Scheler has created an interesting theory of the tragic. It has the following features:

  • this concept appears when there is a need to fight for important values;
  • the interest should be worthy;
  • the values are not bad or good because they are always the best;
  • the active action of the subject are necessary for the tragic;
  • all processes are fatal;
  • the paradox: the destruction of the values is necessary and surprising at the same time;
  • the category is connected with the “delighted” because it is the catharsis.

Think about these facts while writing the essay for school.

Human Emotions

Drama Theater

It is obvious that the tragic has developed through ages. The category is considered in the field of aesthetics. Nevertheless, the 20th century, it began to destruct this idea. The main function of the tragic is to make us show the feelings and emotions within the process of sympathy. It also makes people feel not alone in the difficult situations.

There are some facts that should be taken into account while creating a research paper for school:

  • try to give a clear definition;
  • refer to the thoughts of the famous scientists;
  • present some interesting facts;
  • express your own opinion.

These prompts will help you to create a valuable essay for school.

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